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Advisory Committees

The Advisory Committees were especially involved with the development and implementation of their respective specialties. It is because of each member's generosity of expertise, time and recruitment of peers, that the Community Clinic has grown to where it is today.

Dental Advisory Committee
Steven Brooksher, DDS
Nelson Daly, DDS
Andre Fruge, DDS
Glenn Kidder, DDS
Scott Kogler, DDS
Matthew Randall, DDS
Nick Rauber, DDS
C.J.Richard, DDS
Tooley Towns, DDS

Medical Advisory Committee
Bill Cassidy, MD
Matt Chamberlain, MD
Pamela Hollins, MD
James Taylor, MD

Mental Health Advisory Committee
Navin Patel, MD
Mark Zielinski, MD
Jan Kasofsky, PhD
Darryl Ducote, MSW BCSW
Stacy Kidder, MSW
Alison Walker

Vision Care Advisory Committee
Scott Nelson, MD, Chair
John Couvillion, MD
Curtis Creed, MD
Crayton Fargason, MD
Don Peavy, MD
Russell Saloom, MD
Ed Adams, OD
Vincent Rachal, OD