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Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are a few of the questions most frequently asked. If you have a question for the Community Clinic, please forward it to


1) What if I have Medicaid or a private insurance and they do not provide dental coverage?
To qualify, you cannot:

  • have any insurance
  • be receiving Medicaid or Medicare
  • be eligible for VA benefits

**It is important to note that the Community Clinic does not receive any federal or state funds. It is strictly a community initiative which exists exclusively from grants and contributions. The Community Clinic was established to provide healthcare for the low-income, uninsured WORKING individual. This population earns a little too much to qualify for state for federal assistance but does not earn enough to afford healthcare coverage. Unfortunately, the Community Clinic does not have the financial capabilities to open their doors to everyone. The criteria for eligibility was defined in accordance with the Community Clinic's mission.

2) What if I am self-employed and do not have pay stubs?
Each applicant must be able to substantiate that they work 30 hours a week and have done so for 10 out of the last 12 months. Items which will help are accounting ledgers, letters from clients, and/or bank deposits.

3) If I live in a parish other than East Baton Rouge can I still go to the screening in Baton Rouge?
Any person residing in one of the nine parishes served can come to the Baton Rouge screening site.

4) My eligibility has expired. What do I do now?
You will need to be rescreened for eligibility; bring your most current income tax statement and two check stubs as you did originally. Please note that a person may come through the program twice for medical and only once for dental.

5)What if I haven't been at the same job for 10 months?
It does not matter how many jobs you have worked in the last year, as long as you can substantiate that you worked 10 out of the last 12 months.

6) How long do I receive services for?
Initial eligibility is for six months. After term expires, patient can be rescreened. If still eligible, patient will qualify for an additional six-months.
The second term does not include dental.

7) What do I do in the case of an emergency?
In case of an emergency, we recommend that you go to Earl K. Long Hospital. The Community Clinic does not cover emergency visits.

8) What if I cannot make an appointment that I have scheduled?
As per the patient guidelines, you must notify your physician or dentist 24 hours in advance. If not, you will be disqualified as the medical or dental provider has reserved that time for you.

1) Where is the Community Clinic located?
There is no bricks and mortar clinic. Patients are seen in the participating providers' private offices. This is the reason the Community Clinic is referred to as the "virtual" clinic. The Community Clinic screens for eligibility and then assigns the patient to a primary care physician and/or a general dentist. The provider does not have to take additional time from their families to go to another location after work or on weekends. The provider treats the patient in his/her own office, using his own staff and equipment.

2) If I volunteer, how many patients do I have to see?
It is strictly up to the discretion of the provider as to how many patients he/she wants to treat on a six-month basis. The provider can decrease or increase their number at any time.

3) What if the Community Clinic patient needs to see a specialist?
The Community Clinic has volunteers from every specialty. All the provider has to do is contact the Community Clinic when the specialist is warranted.

4) What if the Community Clinic patient needs an x-ray or labs?
There are several hospitals, imaging centers and labs who participate with the Community Clinic; basic diagnostic tests are available.

5) How much paper work is required?
The program is as provider friendly as possible. The only thing needed from the provider is to fax their standard claim form so that the Community Clinic can track the procedures rendered and their values. This information is used as measurable outcomes to substantiate effectiveness of the program and to apply for grants.

6) Is there any reimbursement?
No. The services are gratuitous. The Community Clinic is a free clinic and cannot charge for services.

7) What about liability issues?
The Community Clinic was instrumental in getting a Limitation of Liability statute enacted. Basically, providers volunteering in a free clinic cannot be sued. It specifically states, "If you are injured here because of things we do or failed to do, you do not have the same legal recourse as you would have against other health care providers." Each individual signs that they understand the Limitation of Liability on their application for services. It is also printed on the back of their ID cards to remind them.